SUNDAY at St. Edwards

Sunday August 16th’s “Family Day” is a low-key, low-structure alternative/addition to Saturday’s adults-only evening event. St. Edwards State Park has a great all-ages playground, big open fields, picnic facilities and is just a generally nice place to reconnect.

Things to know:

  • St Edwards S.P.: 14445 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028
  • Park Hours: 8am-7pm; this event is 11am-4pm, drop in whenever!
  • Parking is $10 payable to the park- parking can be limited so consider carpooling/skydiving.
  • FREE to attend but zero-frills. (IE, bring anything you want to eat/drink/play with). We’ll have nametags if we’re not too hungover.
  • The park has stand-up grills, which I think means they tell jokes. Bring charcoal/etc. if you plan to grill or just live a little and go to Burger King on the way.
  • My crystal ball says that the greatest concentration of attendees will be at precisely 12:47pm.

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